Elmalma Brand Communication

Elmalma the Brand Psychologist; the brand communication agency broadening the frontiers of the digital world with international and local brands.


Why brand psychologist?

Why elmalma?

Despite its notorious history as the forbidden fruit which got Adam and Eve kicked out of heaven, the apple actually stands for knowledge. By eating the forbidden fruit, Eve got herself and Adam into the magical world of wisdom. Elmalma uses this wisdom and blends it with creative thinking; we combine this vast knowledge of the past with the opportunities and possibilities of today. This is how we help you create a better world.

A multi-disciplinary team with different backgrounds strives hard to serve their advertisers and brands in a more effective way. By scratching out the ATL and BTL approaches, we offer innovative and market-oriented solutions to local and global brands that would like to get a taste of the fabulous digital world.

Since its foundation, Elmalma has always aimed for the sky and broke new grounds in the digital world.

It is the one and only brand psychologist

What is Brand Psychologist?

We believe that brands have a soul too and that they deserve a chance to be heard. We create custom-fit bodies by listening to your brand’s soul.

Your own brand psychologist is here… Sit back and relax.

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